From Zygote to Baby: How to Build a Human

Here is an amazing infographic on embryogenesis from Tabletop Whale‘s Eleanor Lutz.

How to Build a Human: Human embryo and fetus development from fertilization to birth. Eleanor Lutz, 2014.

In this stunning data visualization, Lutz illustrates the process of fetal development, including what the baby looks like in each of the three trimesters, when the eyelids form (~12 weeks), when the fingers and toes separate (9 weeks), to when the taste pores develop (~16 weeks), to name a few.

Imagine how helpful this would be for students, or even in a childbirth education class? I’ll start bringing this around with me to each of my prenatal visits.

Printouts of this visualization can be found here. This post and more can be found on Lutz’s website: TabletopWhale.