Kind Words

We were very happy to have Mikaela as our doula for our son’s birth (our third birth).

My labor started a month earlier than the due date, and I very much appreciated her flexibility and availability because the labor progressed very quickly. Although we hadn’t had our prenatal meetings yet and I was the only one who had met Mikaela, my husband, my daughter, and I all felt very comfortable working with her right away.

Mikaela has a very calm presence, which greatly helped me relax during labor. She was totally dedicated to helping us (me mostly) have a satisfying birth experience and worked very well with the hospital nursing staff and our midwife.

I also appreciated Mikaela’s experience with young children because our 6-year-old daughter was there. She was very nice to our daughter, who later said she wanted to become a doula like Mikaela. Our daughter liked her very much. I believe that our daughter had a very positive experience and I thank Mikaela for that.

After we came home, Mikaela compassionately followed up on how we were doing. We thought that her fee was very reasonable. We actually felt that her services were more valuable than what we paid for.

We highly recommend her for any childbearing family!




We met Mikaela late in our second pregnancy. We were not sure if we would need a doula and were only halfheartedly looking, but after meeting with Mikaela we became very excited to work with her.  At our first meeting she was so warm and genuinely cared about our family and how she could help.  She asked so many questions and had great suggestions on how we might help our almost 2-year-old prepare for the big changes ahead. All the way up to our birth she stayed connected and offered helpful strategies to help us prepare. 

Our labor was short, so Mikaela didn’t have much time to get to us, but she arrived at the right time to help me just as my husband was about to pass out! She jumped right in and helped me in ways that I could not have even requested.  She used her intuition and skills and helped us have an amazing birth.  Compared to my first, where I was just “getting through it,” this time I was aware the whole time, talking with people, and was even able to catch my son as he was born! It was amazing and Mikaela’s support was invaluable.

Following the birth she checked in regularly and continued to offer suggestions about how our adjustment could be eased.  Her openness and willingness to brainstorm original ideas as well as offer familiar strategies was so helpful.

She will undoubtedly be a wonderful addition to your birth team!

– Celina



Mikaela was our doula for our first child’s birth. I instantly felt a connection with her and super glad she was there for my entire labor/ birth. She is definitely intelligent, caring, super supportive, and a great coach. She was available via text or phone–which was great and comforting as I neared my due date.Our pre-birth sessions were informative as she answered our questions and helped us form a birth plan. When I went into the hospital in the evening, she came and helped me breath during the painful contractions all through the night. She was helpful, calming, and encouraging. I know my husband was glad she was there.

Although my labor plan didn’t happen exactly as I intended, she reminded me to stay flexible. In the end, I delivered a beautiful son. Post labor, she has been a great source for my questions or checked in with us numerous times. She was an amazing doula. I feel so happy to have met her and she was part of such a memorable moment in our lives.

– Sarah



Mikaela was our doula for our second child’s birth.  She was very friendly and professional and connected well with our family.  During our two prenatal sessions, she helped us think through a birth plan, answered our questions, and led me through a prenatal yoga session. She was always responsive and helpful via phone, email, and in-person communication. During our son’s birth, she was encouraging and helpful and made a great motivational team with my husband to support me through labor.   Mikaela checked in with us several times after delivery, connected us with a lactation consultant, and made sure we had a good transition home from the hospital. I feel really good about my birth/delivery experience this time around and very thankful to Mikaela for her help and support.  I would definitely recommend her. 




We are so glad that we hired Mikaela as our birth Doula. During the labor, she proactively suggested that I try different things like doing different posses, birth ball and taking a shower, which helped me to calm myself down. Even though she had seen only few births at the time of my labor, she had all the info and knowledge required for being a birth Doula. She is polite, good listener and knows to suggest right things at the right time. I have seen her enjoying being birth doula



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