A community-based model of pregnancy support: Centering Pregnancy


Pregnancy” by TipsTimesAdmin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Public Radio International recently published a piece on a community-based approach to prenatal and postpartum care.

Centering Pregnancy is a model of care that integrates health assessment, education, and support, uniting each element into a group setting. Women of similar gestational ages join together to learn caregiving skills, develop supportive relationships, and participate in a  facilitated discussion with either a doctor or midwife. Centering groups usually meet around 10 times throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period.

The effects of Centering Pregnancy are extensive:

Studies show group prenatal care leads to better birth outcomes. Women who participate in Centering Pregnancy are more likely to breastfeed and attend prenatal care appointments, and they’re less likely to have postpartum depression and preterm births.

There’s another benefit: Centering Pregnancy is linked to fewer Cesarean sections, which saves money. For California births without complications, C-sections cost nearly twice as much as vaginal births.

Listen to the feature here.

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