May 17

Dear Friends and Family,

Dad passed late last night, May 17.

Mom, Hunter, Miles, Robbie, and I, as well as a loving stream of family / friend supports have stationed ourselves at the house for the past four days. Tuesday and Wednesday were two of the most difficult days any of us has faced. Dad was in extreme discomfort from Wednesday morning until Thursday night. He struggled for over 48 hours, moaning in pain. Thursday evening, we found the appropriate medicine to ease his discomfort.

From Thursday evening on, dad remained in a deep sleep until his passing. He was far more comfortable once he reached this place of deep rest, with his breathing falling more and more shallow. On Friday afternoon, his breathing was very labored. The hospice nurses and doctors who so generously stationed themselves around our house indicated that he could pass at any time. We were as prepared as we could have been, and relieved that dad was in a place of comfort. Last night, we sat together around the living room where dad was sleeping. We each made our way to bed. When I awoke at 5am to give him a bolus of his medication, I found that he wasn’t breathing. I gently approached mom (sleeping next to dad in a blow-up bed) and let her know. She replied that she had been there for his last breaths – from her report they were peaceful and easy. We are grateful that he reached a place of ease in his transition.

We will have the memorial service at our house on Sunday, May 25 in the early afternoon. I’ll post more details when we work through them. For now, mom, Hunter, Miles, Robbie, Andy, Kelly, Anna, and I are sharing the afternoon together.

With love,

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