April 8

Hello, all – 

The team’s morale has recuperated a bit since the previous entry. Mom and dad spent the previous weekend in Half Moon Bay, sitting on the beach together, eating some great food (French, and sushi), and celebrating their 31st anniversary. Mom came back noticeably soothed and refreshed. She, dad, and, Hunter, and I lived in Half Moon Bay for the first four years of family life before we (plus a newborn Miles) moved over the hill to our current Atherton home. Half Moon Bay is a historic spot – home to their early years, the ocean, and good surf. It was really good to see mom in such revived spirits when she and dad came home on Sunday. 

As for dad, it’s difficult for me to get a grip on how he’s doing emotionally. Compared to mom and I, dad seems amazingly stable. Never do I hear him complain of his situation or his day. True to form, dad was not much different in spirit than when he left on Friday. One important thing I’d like to note is that it appears that dad’s having an easier time with the circumstances than mom or I. His monosyllabic report of the weekend was that the trip was “good. Highlight – good food.” There you have it! 

On my end, Robbie, Gavin, and I moved into our new Berkeley home on Tuesday. Tuesday was California’s rainiest day of the year, but we persisted and our home is coming together nicely. Since Tuesday evening, I’ve been sick with the flu. It’s taken me out of commission until just about today. I’ve spent the past few days over here, getting things assembled and organized. Considering how exhausted, sick, and negative I felt last week, I’m doing much better. I will spend about half of my time close to my parent’s house. I work in Palo Alto, and am currently participating in a yoga teacher training in Menlo Park. This keeps me very close to home at least 4 days each week. 

Dad is still very foggy – uncoordinated and easily tired. He stumbles regularly, and routinely neglects his left side as he’s walking around (bashing around into doors, counters, chairs, etc.). I’m doing my best to accept whatever he brings to the day, though usually it’s limited to a long list of urgent demands. I rarely see my dad through the fog he currently resides in. Mom will speak with dad’s oncologist tomorrow about the likelihood that the tumor has started to grow back. We both have a sneaking suspicion that it’s begun to. 

Mom and I are working on finding ways to feel supported by the community. I’m realizing that there’s actually very little that can be done to change the situation, but I truly appreciate hearing from all those who are following my updates. I find it’s easy to slip into feeling very, very isolated while all this is happening. It’s good to be reminded of supporters, even on the best of days. 

Thank you for listening. 

With love,


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