February 26

Dad’s on the upswing from last week’s exhausted and sad mental and physical space. Today, on his second-to-last appointment for radiation therapy, dad was moving around with fluidity and vigor. It’s close to a miracle that dad, after 8 weeks of aggressive chemo/radiation treatment post brain surgery and terminal cancer diagnosis, has actually gained weight and headed into the gym for a workout. From what I’ve heard, many patients who take such an aggressive route of treatment end up having to drop out or taper the chemo/radiation because their body can’t handle it. 

I’m amazed by him, even during the low points and the sadness. On the rare instances where dad falls into a low place, he works hard to surround himself and keep himself vital. We just got him subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, and he’s still trudging through the History of the Ukraine. In this fundamental way, his cognitive abilities are in-tact enough to allow him to continue and deepen many of his most cherished activities. 

Tomorrow, mom, dad, Robbie, Shingo, Isabel and I will celebrate dad’s last day of radiation at a local steak house. Today he breezed around the house with a whole different air: relaxed, well-rested, and fully alive. I haven’t seen him like this in a long time, and such an improvement from just a few days ago. A note on the steroids: Mom and dad met with Dr. Ray today for a followup on the steroid dosage. We’re going to continue on 8mg / day for awhile, so as keep dad’s brain swelling, as well as mental and physical state in check. 

When dad got home this morning, we headed to a local sewing shop to pick out a belated birthday gift for Miles. He comes home this upcoming Friday night for Spring Break! Robbie and I are getting the car situation in order in anticipation of his arrival: we just picked up the Rav4 from the shop and have replaced the rear window. We also took dad’s car into the shop due to a broken taillight and detached undercarriage. Good fun. 

Things are smoother here than in my last entry. On my end, I was called into the hospital on Tuesday morning to support one of my pregnant mamas who was in labor. For me, there’s nothing like a birth to change your perspective on life. 

I’m eager for Miles to come home, and for this chapter of dad’s daily visits to the hospital to come to a close. 

With thanks,

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