February 18

Dad walked 4.4 miles today! And this was after his swim at the gym this afternoon. 

After radiation and a meeting with his oncologist, dad came home with Danny. We spent some time together at the house, trimming his beard and relaxing. Around noon I made him some (fresh) eggs with avocado  – one of dad’s favorite meals since Bob introduced it to him on his visit – and he headed over to PAC with Danny. 

After Danny headed out this afternoon, dad took a really, really long walk through Menlo Park. He headed to the hardware store, and then to the library. He got home around 7pm, and seemed relaxed and tired from his long day outside. He also picked up a spicy hotdog from 7-11 (I can only imagine what that must have looked/tasted like). I’m really impressed with him today: his first solo trek since before his diagnosis in late December. I imagine he feels a growing sense of independence and sturdiness as the days go on, and I feel relieved to see him setting off on his own. A also feel relieved that he has (so far) stayed away from another drive around the neighborhood. Dad may have been be reckless and accident-prone, but he has been moving deliberately and with caution since surgery. 

Grand theft auto, part 2: my Rav4 rear window was busted today in Palo Alto. Perhaps it’s karma for the poor Ford’s demise, I don’t know. The only thing stolen was the purse I got for my graduation. Despite the rather manageable hassle this introduced, I lost it. I’m calling it an early night. 

To a better day tomorrow–

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