February 12

Wednesday was a smooth day for dad: relaxed meeting and treatment, followed by some downtime and paperwork back at home. We’re researching different clinical trial options. While we recognize that Duke is a fantastic clinical trial facility, we’d like to pursue other comparable (if they are in fact comparable) programs somewhere more local (say, UCSF?). So, today consisted of a lot of copies, faxes, phone calls, and paperwork for the clinical trials at both Duke and UCSF. 

On dad’s end, he was relaxed and patient. He visited the gym early this afternoon, and swam 20 laps (!). I can’t imagine better rehabilitation than swimming in the pool. I’m amazed he was able to swim at all, and so far, and with such focus. He’s motivated to recover as much physical mobility as possible. Yesterday he told me that all week he’s been thinking about jogging on the treadmill. Looking back on his workout yesterday, he told me where he was at with respect to his fitness and rehab: “man, if you say you want to do something, just make it happen!!!” Very Ken. I still laugh remembering his 2.5 mile walk that will be remembered by Charlie and Bob as that 25 mile walk. Dad was wiped, but not quite as much as his companions. I’d really like to bring him to Sawyer Camp Trail, a paved and relatively flat trail that follows alongside the Crystal Springs Reservoir. 

On the homestead, Robbie has returned for another visit from Boston. We’re all working together to get all the paperwork in order, and to keep dad feeling surrounded and supported. 

With love,

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