February 3

High energy day for dad today. 

After his morning meeting with mom, dad and I went to radiation and then headed over to a French café near PAMF. We had a slow breakfast together, and sat in the sun while we checked in with each other and shared updates. Dad’s upfront about how he’s feeling and what he’s going through, and acknowledges how difficult this time is for him. His perspective lately follows something along these lines: “each morning I wake up and feel frustrated about my left hand, and then I realize, hey! you had fucking brain surgery!” He’s not short on perspective, and is easily reminded of how fantastic his recovery has progressed. 

When I asked him what his adjectives would be were he to describe his current state, he simply replied: challenged, uncertain. 

Dad did his best to get through some of his work stuff, but unfortunately he seems to have forgotten his password to log into his computer. This is so frustrating for him, and requires a lot of accommodation and assistance for getting past this first and fundamental step. After we attempted logging in for awhile, dad and I sat outside in the sun. He was himself today, and I found him very easy to talk to. Bob and Charlie returned shortly afterwards. Charlie made some delicious bean dip, which we enjoyed out on the deck. 

I headed off, and returned a few hours to an empty house. I checked in with Charlie, and learned that the three boys were out on a walk. About 30 minutes later, they came back in a pack. They walked 2.5 miles! This is 2.5 miles of unassisted, without-a-wheelchair walking. A huge feat, considering walking more than 5 blocks was an overwhelming challenge for dad just a few days ago. 

We sat around and enjoyed some coffee, and dad retired to his room shortly after. 

I feel so proud of him. Dad’s good attitude sets him up for a strong tolerance to adversity with his new limitations. He’s rehabilitating strikingly well, and the exercise keeps him well-oxygenated and in high enough spirits for effective treatment of his cancer. Tomorrow is a new day, and we hope to help him to be in good spirits, showered, exercised, and well-fed. 

With thanks and appreciation,


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