January 31

End of week 3 of radiation and chemotherapy! Mom took dad to the meeting and treatment this morning, and met with dad’s oncologist following his 15 minute radiation session. Afterwards, the two walked around Stanford Shopping Center (not Patagonia, believe it or not) until heading back home around noon. 

Erin and I woke up this morning to a steaming loaf of dog shit. Lyle had a rough night – he slept on top of our love seat and made his way into the mud room to drop us this morning delight. Groggily, Erin and I were dropping off the recycling when we both stepped in two separate piles of his beige accident. We weren’t wearing shoes. Bob and Charlie were sitting in the kitchen when they heard our chorus of screams, and Charlie saved the day by hosing off the rug. I’m up to do most things to help out around the house, but I faced my edge with this one. I feel grateful for Charlie and Bob each day, but I was especially appreciative to have another set of hands on this task. 

In other news, dad worked out on his rowing machine for 45 minutes today. He outdid Bob, who sat with him on the recumbent bike. From Bob and Charlie’s report, dad was somewhat off balance due to the weakness on his left side, and he would frequently drop the handle with his left hand. Nonetheless, his strength, mobility, and balance would improve enormously if dad were to use the erg or recumbent bike for exercise. I’m really proud of him. 

A message to our kind gift-providing loved ones: we’re sticking off of sugar as best we can. We had a group discussion, and we all decided that the fewer sweets we have around the house, the less inclined dad will be to eat them or ask for them. Dad predictably spoils his appetite with Hershey’s kisses or cookies, and this is something we’d like to stay away from. We appreciate you keeping this in mind when you so generously make your way over to the house. I’m working on making it a household policy, but we’ll see how far that stretches. 

Tomorrow is a weekend day, which means no radiation or PAMF visits. Dad plans to go to an early morning meeting, get some exercise in, and hopefully stretch his legs out to Palo Alto. We’re hoping to set up my bike, and tomorrow would be a good time to do that. 

I’m laying here in bed with Erin and Kelly. Feeling lucky for the full house, and these two ladies by my side. 

Until tomorrow —

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