January 30

As we wrap up the end of dad’s third week of treatment, I notice that he’s walking around a lot, getting himself organized, and spending a lot more time in the kitchen with the rest of us, rather than in bed sleeping. I worry he may be doing this to a fault – spending too much time with us means he’s not getting as much rest as his body may need to heal. We try to urge dad to rest as much as possible, but it’s hard to convince him to stay in bed when he bursts with energy to go to amoeba, head into the city, go to bookstores in Berkeley, etc. I have a hunch that he’s trying to make the most of his energy while he still has it, and all of us are happy to keep him company on these expeditions, large and small. 

Dad started out the day with treatment and an appointment with my mom. Bob, Charlie, dad, and I then headed to the Stanford Bookstore in search of a few books (Bob’s reading The Great Cholesterol Myth – click here to check it out yourself – and has been spreading the word far and wide). Though the bookstore didn’t have any of the books we were searching for, we spent the morning sitting in the Bookstore’s cafe, drinking coffee and talking. It’s really comfortable to pass the time with Charlie and Bob, and I’ve found the last few days to be more relaxed and peaceful than in the weeks and days leading up. I think it’s a combination of things: acclimation to the entire situation, dad’s increased mobility and energy, as well as the positive presence of both Bob and Charlie. 

After spending about an hour at the bookstore, I headed off to pick up my dear roommate from the airport. Erin’s timing couldn’t have been better – I’ve been doing my best to transition into the unexpected move from Boston back to California, but she she has a certain way of soothing me. I’m ever grateful for her visit. Plus she could use a bit of CA sunshine – Boston is in the dead of winter, so we’re heading off on a hike tomorrow to get her caught up on Vitamin D. 

This afternoon, Charlie and Bob reorganized our entire garage in about an hour and a half (the same task has taken my brothers and dad more than a weekend to achieve, on several occasions). Meanwhile dad organized and reorganized his gear, and later headed off to nap. When Erin and I got back, we slowly began preparing tonight’s dinner. Suze, one of mom’s closest friends joined us for dinner tonight, and the six of us (missing only Charlie was out in Palo Alto for the evening) shared the evening eating, drinking tea, and catching up. Dad headed off shortly after he finished dinner, while the rest of us sat by the fire into late. We were accompanied by one uncharacteristically faded dog. 

Tomorrow wraps up the 21st session of dad’s six-week radiation. 

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