January 27

Dad headed back to radiation this morning, accompanied by Dave, Bob, and my uncle Charlie. He couldn’t have been in better company: this pack traveled around all day together, venturing out to Ramen in Mountain View (one of Bob and dad’s favorite spots), Patagonia (typical), and the local Mountain View bookstore (also typical). 

I didn’t catch up with the crew until around noon, so many of my reports come from the mouth of our dear friend, Bob. He noted how dad’s mobility was strong, and seems to be ever strengthening. Dad was more disorganized and less “himself” today compared to the past few days. He was more impulsive (heading to Ramen an hour and a half before opening because he wanted to have the soup at that moment) today, which reminds me of a few days ago with his never-ending list of requests that have to be met right now! Dad also had a lot less downtime today (a feature of the full house of good friends), which may explain his tired and low-energy state. It’s also likely that heading back to radiation reintroduced a demanding and high dose of his energy first thing in the morning. As before, his state of being may be explained by a number of reasons. 

Bob drove Dave to the airport around 2:30 this afternoon. I’m sad to see Dave go, and hope for his return soon. Dad caught up on a bit of rest during this time, as Charlie whipped up some of his classic lace cookies. When Bob returned, they sat in front of the fire while discussing different card games, eventually playing some 3-person cribbage. 

On my end, all my Boston boxes arrived (nine in total!) this afternoon. Thus, I was unpacking all my books and clothes into my room here for most of the afternoon. Today, as each day, I’m grateful for the extra hands on deck – I wouldn’t have been able to get all those boxes unpacked without it. It made a big difference for dad, as well as mom and I (and Carol, who gets the week off!). 

I notice dad’s lower energy compared to the previous few days, but he was nonetheless active and talkative. It’s important to remember that each day is different: for his tumor, for his brain, for his motor control, for his personality. I find it much more peaceful to look at his state of being as independent days, rather than to search for trends. 

Tonight I’m missing my brothers, but am content to be sitting in front of the fire with the dogs. 

With thanks–

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