January 25

Dad walked unassisted into the kitchen this afternoon as if the last month was some strange nightmare. He’s wearing his glasses that we picked out together while he was in France, wearing one of his nice collared shirts. I cannot summon the words to express just how fantastic this was to see – mobile, agile, strong, and just like the Ken we all remember. 

Andy noted how if she didn’t know of everything that had happened in the last month, she wouldn’t have noticed much of a change from the seasoned individual we all know and love. 

But I am getting ahead of myself: Dad went to a meeting with mom and Dave early this morning. Bob and I held down the fort until they all returned around 8:30am. From there, dad traveled with Dave and Bob to Half Moon Bay and sat in the 70° sunshine, watching the surf. Mavericks took place yesterday, but from the sound of it there were still lots of surfers out. The California weather has brought along an unseasonably warm winter, which is welcomed from this Bostonian. I know that Dave and Bob have also happily embraced the warm weather while they’re here for their visit. Sunshine and warmth makes for easier travel – less layers, more time outside (both of which make Dad happy, as you’d expect). 

Anyways, the boys grabbed some Thai food and spent the afternoon in Half Moon Bay. From their reports (and photographs), the trip went really well, and dad came home contented and tired. I returned home shortly after they got back, and found dad resting next to both of his oldest friends. I know how much these two mean to him, and can tell by his high energy that he feels grateful for their time. 

Dad rested throughout the early afternoon, while the rest of us made some café au lait’s (milk frother is a huge improvement in my quality of life) and caught up on the paper. Dad rejoined us about an hour after this, and we all talked about the news. He returned to his bed after a half hour visit.

Shortly after, Kelly, Anna, and Andy arrived for their savored weekend visit. Bob, Dave, Kelly, Anna, and Andy spent time catching up in the kitchen, while I worked out some of the preparatory dinner moves. I find I can focus best when my hands are busy, and it was a calming way to pass the afternoon. Around 5pm, dad walked into the room from his nap (as I described in the beginning of this post). Mom joined in shortly after this. 

Dinner with the crew felt really special tonight: I always say how much I love a full house, and tonight there were lots of high spirits. The combination of these two factors made for a memorable meal. I’m feeling fortunate: for loyal friends and family who come to spend time with us every week, for my dad and his strong will to be present, for delicious food, and for sustaining feelings of community. This may not be easy, but it could certainly be a lot harder. 

Dad’s thinking of getting a tattoo: “Die trying” 

With love,



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