January 17

With a house full of friends and family, things feel pretty good around the house today. David Clark and Jon Zimmerman are here for the weekend, and dad seemed very happy to spend the evening with these two.

The day was a success for many reasons: First, dad woke up and had three bowel movements – a sure route to happiness for him. Second, he showered! Not only is this a kindness to his caregivers, but it’s also really important to prevent skin infection while he’s on chemo. Third, today was the end of the week for his radiation. Dad seemed to be really happy about this, and ready for the weekend. He’s pushing to go to Santa Cruz with Jon and David – TBD.

We (mom, dad, Jon, David, Colleen, and I) had a big dinner of Moroccan chicken this evening – thanks to my mom’s good friend Colleen.

Today was an overall successful day: I think we’re getting a little bit better at planning ahead, and using the help we’ve found to relieve some of the remaining stressors. Today, I felt like we were ready to meet my dad’s needs and use the skills we’ve developed to support him as smoothly as possible. Every day he’s transferring with greater balance and strength, so there is less of a physical tax on our bodies.

I’m wiped! I look forward to tomorrow, where we have plans to spend with Jon, David, Andy, and Kelly.

Until then—-

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