January 15

As we move our way through the first week of treatment, I notice a few changes in my dad: first, he tires much earlier in the day. Prior to receiving his treatment, he would get tired around two or three, but would participate in conversation through until around seven. Now, he requests to be brought back to bed around two, and remains sleeping there for the rest of the day. His appetite remains, as does his morning energy. I’ve found that there are some sweet moments in the late afternoon when my dad is drowsy or napping. I’ve found it comforting to sit with him as he sleeps – a striking contrast to our morning ritual.

My mom took dad to radiation today, and then stocked the fridge with dense calories for my dad to eat throughout the day. This was a good move on her part, as we’re quickly moving through the fridge. He moved through an entire bag of trail mix today, in addition to the three full meals.

I thank those of you who reached out to me personally about burning out. Barbara gently noted that the way I’ve gone into searching for a caregiver is similar to expecting love at first sight. Today we moved forward with establishing a regular support team. This morning, a pair of aids came by to meet with me and my dad to see if we’d be a good fit. Unlike the aids from the agency who get a glimpse of dad’s chart before coming in, these two women were rendered emotional from my dad’s young age and the situation. It was the first time a caregiver has emoted with me, and I was grateful for it. One of the pair will come by tomorrow to spend some time with my dad, and give my mom, Carol, and I a bit of a break.

My dad’s day tomorrow holds another bout of radiation, and hopefully a shower.

With love,

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