January 8

Day 1 of home living.

First of all, our house is far from wheelchair safe. I’m pretty sure I shaved off a huge portion of my bathroom door getting dad in this afternoon. We have dog beds lying around everywhere, tiny little tables, rugs that get caught in wheelchair legs, so much junk everywhere! There are so many hazards, I haven’t even thought of them all. The mess is overwhelming, as is the entire situation.

My dad is used to walking around the house at his leisure, so the change from hospital to home has reintroduced many of the risks associated with his first days in the hospital. He’s overconfident in his abilities, and thinks he can just stand up out of the wheelchair and walk around the neighborhood. He’s also not used to relying on us as his primary caregivers, and is unaccustomed to asking us for help for seemingly simple things. When getting him from place to place, dad does best when he’s given directions and then provided with a demonstration of how to get from chair to sofa to bed to chair. I learned this after he wobbled on a dog bed trying to get from the sofa to his wheelchair. Trial and error makes me very nervous.

We’re also trying to implement a ketogenic diet into life at home. There are tons of cookies leftover from when Hunter was here (he commissions me to make him cookies by the dozen), and my dad demands these morsels by the fistfull when he sees them. Thus, the diet will start when the cookies are gone. We have to get rid of all the things that go against the diet: bread, sugars, desserts, scones, rice, potatoes, starches. The sooner this happens the better, especially with the onset of treatment in a few days.

Local supporters, please drop by the house if your schedule allows. It’s easy for my dad to grow tired of his bossy caregivers, and I’m sure he’d appreciate some fresh faces.

Many, many thanks to Robbie’s mama, Barb G for the awesome idea to send dad some chair yoga. We’re going to start up a morning PT routine, and this is a great way to start.

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