January 6

This entry is a collaborative effort – For clarity, Mikaela’s section is written in italics, while Margee’s is written in normal face.

Today was jam packed and exhausting for everyone involved. My mom has been sleeping at the hospital to help my dad adjust into the morning (which he finds difficult and disorienting). She stayed at the hospital all, all day – a saint! Today was especially busy, with doctors flooding in and out all day. First day off of holiday, the energy in the hospital was a striking change from the quiet atmosphere for the last two weeks of Christmas and New Years vacation time.

Robbie and I got to the hospital around 9:30, and quickly entered into the fast-paced morning of rounds and meetings with PT, speech therapy, OT, etc. My dad kept up his usual quick, right over your head humor for most of the sessions, and expressed his impatience and readiness to go back to the house. We’re all working on it, my mom especially. 

We learned that his EEG results were negative, which means that he had no large or small scale seizures during the 24 hour time period with the EEG cap on. While this is fantastic news, it provides insight into this period of time only. My dad may experience seizures later on, but we’ll take these results as a victory for now. 

I left around noon today, and my mom held down the fort with the enormous lineup of teammates meeting with my dad. When I met with her this evening, I had missed so, so much, which just goes to show how much can change in a day. So, from the word of the primary source, here’s an update on what passed from noon until 7pm today:

Hello to the world of Ken’s community.  Wild, busy day at the hospital. Everything & everyone delayed because of holidays and then postponed again for the weekend showed up in ken’s room today. There were at least 5 times today when I was speaking to one hard-to-reach professional on Ken’s behalf while another was either standing in front of me or calling by phone.

Lots of good news, though. Ken is off his saline IV, has no IV at all and little other medicine. He looks healthy, and his thoughts are crisp. He was in rare form today. A few samples…while the Stanford neuro doc was doing neurological testing on him (ex: count backwards, spell backwards, touch your nose, etc,) ken asked her If she’d worked previously as a drunk driving cop…then, to her question checking his peripheral vision…’look at my nose & tell me how many fingers I have up.’ Ken said ‘if you’re going to ask me questions like that, you’re going to need a bigger nose.’ The doctor had about 10 neurologists observing her, who were recruited to be Ken’s audience.

Ken had another MRI before 7 am this morning & evaluated by Stanford’s neurologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, & physical therapist, and as well as other numerous doctors. All these assessments are part of his preparation to leave the hospital. We’ll need to have our house set up for his safety before he’ll be released to our care. We’re all being trained to assist him getting around at home and deputized to do ‘homework’ with him. This is reminiscent for me – I was similarly taught long ago to work with Hunter and Miles on their various therapies. Hunter’s vision therapy was the worst, though, & I think Ken is spared that one.

Training, setting up the house, and moving in the hospital equipment into the house are all likely to happen tomorrow. For now, my dad rests at the hospital, while the five of us are well-fed (from the delicious and incredibly generous offers of Good Eggs local groceries from Linda, Cathy, and Tommy. Thank you all so much for your generous gift. We all loved the curry today, as well as all the other goodies that came along with the orders. 

Mom and dad were huge heroes today. I admire their patience, and good attitude on this especially busy day. 

In other news, we’re all sad to see Hunter go back to school. His support and presence has been cherished by my dad and the rest of the family, and he will be deeply missed. 

That’s all for now. Sending love and hoping for the best tomorrow–


With love,

Margee and Mikaela + co.


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