January 4

You find my dad in transitional care today. He has an eastern facing window with so much direct light and a more easygoing environment compared to his stay in the ICU. I notice that he has been feeling more and more himself in the last few days: he’s more communicative on his phone, more talkative, increasingly more impatient to leave the hospital and get out into the fresh air. 

My dad had an EEG on his head through the night to monitor whether or not he was having small-scale seizures, which would be a result of the tumors and swelling. We will know more about the results of the EEG tomorrow. 

Dad’s room was packed with visitors throughout the day today: I arrived around 10:30 this morning and caught up with him for the morning. We were soon joined by Andy, Mike, Jim, and Jon. Dad, Mike, Jon, and Jim have a deep history of ultra races and intense expeditions together, which they discussed in their visit today. My dad suggested we pack up some bikes and head up to Mount Hamilton for the day. He’s always quick to propose awesome day trips during our daily visits. His tendency to push aside his current context is one of the results of the brain surgery and the location of his tumors. We remind him that once he’s out of the hospital we will all be eager to join him on these adventures. 

My uncle Derrick and his wife Kay joined the crew early this afternoon. Soon after, my mom joined us with some of her beloved beans and rice. Her, Jon, and my dad were later joined by Kelly and Anna. Hunter and Miles took up the later shift in the afternoon alongside my mama. It was a full house of visitors today, though my dad became increasingly more exhausted as the day went on. As we’ve recently discovered, my dad is the least exhausted in the morning. 

We hope he will soon return home from the hospital, and will know more in the days to come. 

As always, my family and I offer you our deepest thanks. 

With love,


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