December 30

Good evening from California! 

I shared a connective and relaxed morning with dad today. Our dear friend, Monica baked my dad some fresh (hot out of the oven) challah this morning, which I delivered along with his whole milk latte around 9:45am. I notice that the first few minutes of our interaction are often the “lowest” of our time together. His spirits pick up almost immediately after his visitors arrive, and we chat through to the afternoon when my mom arrives. 

Prior to my arrival, my dad took a pretty nasty fall. Classic Ken – his brain and body’s abilities aren’t matched up, and my dad tends to assume he can do things independently, when he now requires the help of others: getting up out of bed, using the bathroom, moving from chair to bed to wheelchair. The PT and OT seeks to realign his mind/body awareness, but his rehab has been put on pause due to his transfer to the ICU. The fall wasn’t a big deal, but his nurse, Nothi was keeping a closer eye on him. 

Nothi was a fantastic nurse for my dad today. She monitored his pain levels throughout my visit, and worked to bring down his 6/7 headache to a 5. I think that, because of this, my dad was more relaxed and his motor control was greatly improved from my visit yesterday (when his pain was about a 9). He was brushing his teeth, feeding himself, and drinking his coffee with much greater accuracy than I had witnessed since his surgery. 

The highlight of my day today was telling him all about the love pouring in from this caringbridge site. As you all know, my dad is awesome. But like all of us, he can sometimes carry demons of self-doubt that prevent him from seeing all the love and support he has. The love coming in from you all here makes his time in the hospital – such a potentially isolating time – connective for him. I read him each of the genuine and supportive comments you have posted on the site. He lit up hearing from each of you. When he’s feeling better, and can “determine the ambiance of the site” (his words), he’ll write up something. 

Dad spent the rest of the day surrounded by my mom, Miles, challah a la Monica, and Robbie and I. 

Thank you all. We deeply appreciate the steady flow of loving words and memories you all share with him. We look forward to welcoming in the new year within such a supportive community.



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