December 28

The last two days have been challenging for my dad. For the past two days, he’s experiencing increasingly more pain behind his right eye. The doctors ordered two CT scans and determined that there is some swelling on the right side of his brain, where the tumor was located and where he had surgery. Although this is not completely unexpected for patients with this condition, it is associated with the remnants of the tumor in his brain (the nature of this type of tumor growth is that it doesn’t have defined borders as is indicated the MRI and CT scans, but rather is nebulous and far-reaching.

Yesterday, my dad spent the day sleeping and trying to relax despite his persistent headache and pain behind his eye. He was exhausted. Nonetheless, he was up for slow conversation as he dozed, and we cuddled together for awhile. 

I can’t help but notice that his spirits seem lower than they were a few days ago. He has extensive paralysis (hopefully temporary, TBD by the PT, occupational therapy, and speech therapy he is doing here at rehab), and cannot leave the bed without trained assistance. This is in stark contrast to his mental state: he’s lucid and talkative, quick, and cracking jokes (however inappropriate). The situation is sinking in for all of us, especially my dad. 

My dad spent today with our family, Robbie, Shingo and Isabel, as well as the Sylvester family. He enjoys being surrounded by chatter, and regularly joins in the conversation. He continues to tell me how grateful he is for the company and love he’s receiving. 

Because of the results of the CT scan from yesterday and today, my dad has gone back to the ICU for a few days to be more closely monitored. If his brain continues to swell, he will need to start chemo and radiation sooner than expected, which would cut his time in rehab short. 

I’ll continue to update, thank you for sending your thoughts and support. Also thank you to Monica for the fantastic dinner and company, as well as Eileen who cooked us some amazing lasagna. We chowed.  

With love.

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